Tax consultancy and tax planning is complex and specialized scope where many  individuals and corporations do not have. To engage a fulltime tax expert in your organization increases the cost of doing business. .

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced tax consultants with in-depth specialized knowledge of the Malaysian tax legislations to assist you.

Almost every business transaction or investment decision will give rise to tax implications, be it considerations to structure a transaction involving securities, real properties or business assets, or to undertake any major financial strategy.

Whilst taxes are necessary obligation in life, filling in tax returns, making the payments and negotiating with the tax authorities for deductions and refunds need not be a hassle. Our tax experts will be pleased to assist you with all your corporate and personal tax needs.
What we do: -


Tax Compliance

With the burden of computing the tax liability resting on the shoulders of the corporations, we provide our clients with the expert assistance they need to get their forms and returns filed in accurately and on time.

Our Tax Compliance specialist team is well-versed in advising on tax matters, with comprehensive and currency being our forte. We offer more than a cursory filing of tax returns, and provide you with the value-added support of a complete suite of tax compliance services, including:

  • Keeping you up-to-date with the most current Malaysia  tax laws and regulations which may affect your company’s compliance requirements;
  • Monitoring the statutory timelines and working closely with your company to meet the compliance filing deadlines;
  •  Preparing and advising on submission of return of original/revised estimated tax payable and compliance requirements in relation to the amount of the estimated tax;
  • Preparation/ review of the tax computation and Form C as well as identifying and highlighting key tax issues arising out of the review of the information and documentation that your company provides us with; and
  • Liaising with the tax authorities in connection with tax enquiries, appeals, refunds, etc.

As tax agents, our role does not stop here. More often than not, our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and operations acquired from the long-standing relationship via tax compliance assignments has allowed us to pro actively induce tax planning ideas that resulted in tax savings.


Tax Planning and Advisory

An effective, well thought-out tax planning strategy can legally minimise tax liabilities. Tax planning is a complex field, especially when there are many fundamental issues to consider before establishing the optimum corporate structure. Without relevant professional advice unanticipated legal and tax problems will arise and unexpected tax liabilities may crystallise. With Pro-Serve Advisory, tax planning is made easier thanks to our practical, logical and simple.

In providing cutting-edge tax planning and consulting services, we aim to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions which further our clients’ business ambitions by minimising corporate and personal income tax liability. For both small and medium sized companies as well as large and multinational companies, there are a myriad of tax incentives offered in Malaysia. These vary according to the different industries and change with the annual Budgets announced by the Government.



Tax Compliance

Tax estimates for individuals are computed by the IRB (excluding employment income which is normally paid under the Scheduler Tax Deduction scheme by employers).
Our clients need to know the reliefs and rebates available to them. We assist our clients with the preparation and timely submission of their tax returns, appeals and amendments, advising them on the latest deductions available and corresponding with IRB on their behalf when necessary so that our clients do not pay any more tax than they have to.

Tax Planning

Clients who are both local and foreign nationals want the highest possible returns on their investments without having to pay an equally high percentage of tax!
We provide our clients with investment advice based upon years of experience in the financial arena. Providing a unique perspective of both investment opportunities with the tax advantages (or vice versa) it offers, we are able to give our clients a holistic view in order to assist them in making the best choice in investments to suit their risk profile.